My name is Hana Elias Raheb and I am a student at University of Western Ontario, finishing my final year in Neuroscience and Psychology. I decided to take on this project with the help of Morette Wong, a volunteer and an advocate for World Vision. I wanted to find a way to try to give back to communities who are less fortunate, by specifically focusing on the medical needs of people in Third World countries. Living in a Western country, we tend to not think twice when going to the hospital about the availability of common medical supplies (ie. needles, bandages, de-worming drugs, antibiotics, etc.). However, not everyone has access to basic medical supplies and services. Countries such as El Salvador, Ghana, Haiti, Nicaragua, and others do not have facilities with medical equipments and supplies. Because people who are more fortunate are willing to reach out and help, we can make a difference so  this type of shortage does not occur.

When I came across the option of re-stocking medical supplies in the World Vision gift catalogue, I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to help. What attracted me the most about this project is the fact that for every $100 we raise, partners with World Vision are willing to multiply that amount by 17. With something so easily achievable, why not try it?

My goal is to try to re-stock 10 medical clinics (for every $100 = 1 medical clinic re-stocked) before the end of 2012!

So every single penny from everyone counts and is greatly appreciated : )!

Thank you,

Hana E.R

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